What is S88 Builder?

S88 Builder™ is a model-based process control system used specifically for equipment control in a batch or continuous process control system. Based on best practices and 40 years of experience, ECS Solutions developed S88 Builder™ to be one common application for controlling any process cell. The model offers an extreme level of both consistency and flexibility for equipment control throughout a process. The consistent model optimizes your process control system for top performance and quality, which lowers production costs and increases equipment availability. Key Benefits
  • HMI Faceplates focuses operators on the process instead of the equipment.
  • Alert navigator draws operator attention to any unit held from processing for any reason.
  • Unit logs track operator actions and augment the electronic batch record.
  • Fast and easy configuration, in lieu of programming, delivers radically shorter schedules and extreme agility to implement new products.
  • SQL-Based model for easy backups, security, and reporting.
Updated on December 6, 2018

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