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Vessel Overview


  • Is any source or destination required by EMs or Piping.
  • Exists primarily in the CM controller but also has an interface in the EM controller.
  • Has 0 or 1 parent Unit.
  • References up to 3 associated instruments (Level, Temperature and other).
  • References up to 30 associated incoming, outgoing and process CMs.
  • Contains up to 16 tags or logic expressions (These expressions use custom logic in the CM controller with the aliased CMs and Vessels).
  • May have a base material that it always contains when not empty.
  • An EM will select 0 or more vessels as its source and 1 or more vessels as its destination.
  • Has the following status:
    • RTS – Ready to begin sending material
    • CTS – Clear to continue sending material
    • RTR – Ready to begin receiving material
    • CTR – Clear to continue receiving material
    • CMsOK – All associated CMs are in Auto and not Faulted
    • Level
    • Temp
  • Accepts the following commands:
    • CTS – Parent Unit is Clear to Send
    • CTR – Parent Unit is Clear to Receive
    • CMProgReq – Request all associated CMs to Program Mode
    • AllStop – Command all associated CMs to stop



Updated on January 8, 2019

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