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State Step Control

Advance to Next step 

  • StateCplt
  • Wait For Or
  • Semi-Auto AND Advance
  • Auto (AND NOT Advance Enabled OR Advance)
  • AND NOT Paused
  • OTE StateAdv
  • AND StateAdv
    • Add 10 to StateStep
    • Unlatch StateCplt
    • Unlatch StateAdv
  • StateEnabled = StatePrevCplt AND (NOT MANUAL OR START)

Start Step 

  • StateStep = Step
  • AND StateEnabled
  • AND
  • LATCH StateCplt

StatePrevCplt -> StatePrevCplt -> StateReset Indicates the previous step that was just completed is Reset

StateStep Current Step Selected
StateEnab Selected Step is Enabled (should check for pause though, won’t be enabled until previous is reset)
StateCplt Current Step is Complete (will remain complete until advanced)
StateReset Internal – Previous Step is Reset
StateAdv Command to advance to the next state


Waiting for Perm StateStep = Step, NOT Enabled, NOT Complete
Waiting to Start StateStep = Step, Enabled, x
Running StateStep = Step, Enabled, Not Complete
Completing StateStep = Step, NOT Enabled, Complete
Resetting Wait for StateAdv then StateStep = Step, NOT Enabled, Complete, Resetting
Reset StateStep = Step, NOT Enabled, Complete, Reset Complete


User Sees

StateStep – Monitor

StateEnab – Monitor

StateCplt – Set

StateEnd – Monitor

StateEndCplt – Reset to prevent stopped

StateReset – Monitor

StateResetCplt – Reset to prevent idle

StateCplt Sets StateAdv or Advance if in Semi-Auto which then sets StateAdv

StateAdv sets StateReset which causes phases to Stop/Reset (user code should continuously reset StateResetCplt until reset is complete)

StateAdv AND StateResetCplt will Advance StateStep

StateEnab = Auto/SemiAuto AND NOT Manual AND NOT StateCplt AND NOT StateReset AND NOT StateResetCplt

Manual Mode


Must Stop/Abort if NOT StateCplt AND StateEnab

Add/Subtract StateStep

Unlatch StateCplt


Force StateEnab

Unlatch StateCplt


Set StateEnab


Set ManStop/Abort and StateCplt

Set StateReset and Stop/Abort Phases

Set StateResetCplt and wait it to remain set.

Unlatch ManStop/Abort



Select Step StateStep
Run Step StepRun
Wait for Step to be Complete StateCplt
Wait for Advance StateAdv – Auto or Semi-Auto & Advance or Manual & ManStart

+ Next/Previous

Stop Step StepEnd – StateEndCplt
Reset Step StepReset – StateResetCplt
Advance Step  





Updated on January 7, 2019

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