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Phase Known Parameters

Material Manager Known Parameters 


PH:hasSrc – Rename to linkIsSrc

UDT PH_FAILURES – Add MatlMismatch

Batch Failure enums need another for this failure

UDT VESSEL_CFG – Add IsSingleMatl


Contains ID of material used by phase to primarily set pipe material and display to operator in EM.

Moved into phMatlID.

Use with EM_FIND AOI as MaterialID


Specifies the Source Vessel ID (Amount is positive) or the Destination Vessel ID (Amount is negative).

This must be either the Vessel SID or its Location ID

Moved into vesID. Set linkIsSrc if amount (previous) parameter is positive.

LOT (6) 

LABEL (7) 


Contains ID of Material Class (or type?) used by phase to set pipe material.

Moved into phMatlClasss


This is an AOI that finds an EM that implements the phase.  It assumes a vessel of the phase unit is either the source or the destination of the EM and attempts to find an EM that has the material as a source or has the link vessel ID of another unit.  However, it assumes the linked vessel ID must be in another unit.   It doesn’t consider the possibility of transferring material from vessel to vessel within the same unit.




UNIT is Destination

LINK is Destination

Material must also match if vessel has specific material.  Any vessel may match if no link vessel is provided otherwise the link vessel must be compatible.

Link maybe in the same unit if the source and destination are both in the same unit or source or destination is empty.

In this case the link wins

Other Known Parameters

Unit ID 

This isn’t a parameter but it is provided by phase and may be mapped to an EM parameter through an option called “Unit EM CP”.  If set then the phase unit ID will be mapped to that EM CP.   This may be converted to a vessel ID if the “Unit Vessel Ordinal” option is set to >= 0.  In this case the Unit vessel ID matching this ordinal will be set into the CP for use by the EM.


Updated on December 14, 2018

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