Replace Phase Hyphen with Underscore – Aliases are used in the PLC only for the purpose of the HMI. As CMs, Instruments, and Phases are created, aliases are automatically created with them. Since P&ID drawings often refer to devices with a hyphen, this setting is an easy configuration option to automatically use an underscore in the PLC alias. (ControlLogix PLCs will not accept a hyphen as a tag name)

Default: 0

Max Phase Definitions – Maximum number of phase definitions. What does this do for the controller? Is this phase classes or phase instances? Do shared instances count?

Default: 100

Enable Controls in Auto – Allows the user to Stop/Abort/Hold the EM while the EM is in Program/Auto mode. Otherwise, user must place the EM into Manual mode.

Default: 1

Use Material Classes – Material Value represents Material Classes

Default: 0

Lab Prompt Message – String displayed on the 3rd line of the Unit when a Message Phase is active with the Lab Prompt option set to true. Used with Phase Known Param ‘MESSAGE_PROMPT’.

Default: ‘Waiting on Yes/No Prompt’

Hold Message – Message displayed on the 2nd line of the Unit when that Unit is held in FTBatch. Any reasons why this may not be displayed? Any other hold options that this feature is used with?

Product Code Name – Deprecated

HMI Model – Set this option to  0 when using FactoryTalk View SE; Set to 1 when using Ignition. Setting this option will alias CMs, Instruments, and Units to their respective arrays.  Need a summary of what we’re doing in PLC code here. Some things aren’t scanned; paging options; etc.

Default: 0

Alarm Critical/Warning Horn – All Abnormal Conditions can configured with 3 levels of severity: Info, Warning, Critical. Use this option to sound a horn if a warning or critical condition is raised. A Control Module of DOUT type must first be configured for selection.

Default: None

Horn Silence: What is this? Why isn’t it silenced on ack?

Default: None

Unit Confirm (CTR, Emerg Stop, Clear Failures, Prompt Select, All Prog Mode, CTS, Not CTR, Not CTS, Prompt OK, Prompt Lab, Prompt Ignore) – Displays an “Are you sure?” message before issuing the selected command.

Campaign Confirm (Start, Stop, Pause, Resume, Add, Add Final, OK Prompt) – Displays an “Are you sure?” message before issuing the selected command.

Updated on December 11, 2018

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