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Modifier or Secondary Phase

A modifier phase cannot affect the EM in anyway except to change its parameters.

Attributes of a Modifier Phase 

  • When finding an EM of a modifier phase it will only identify the EM if only 1 EM exists or an EM is already running. It won’t identify a non-running EM if more than 1 exists because the modifier phase isn’t typically given enough information to choose but instead snaps to the previously started EM.
  • The modifier phase will transition into the Run state as soon as it is able to apply its parameters.
  • The phase state has nothing to do with the EM state and cannot affect the EM state.
  • The modifier phase will continue running even if the EM is ended or returns to idle. However, the EM will remain acquired by the modifier phase.
  • Stopping/Resetting the Modifier phase will only release the EM but will not affect its state in any way.
  • Will not fault with EM or other phase failures except for unable to apply parameters.
Updated on December 14, 2018

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