Live Tiles

Live tiles are little navigation windows that show a bit of information about an object and provide a point of navigation into the object.  Sometimes the tile will have a popup menu that provides other options when clicked instead of going directly to the object’s faceplate.  These are used on many faceplates to provide access to collections of objects referenced by the faceplate object.  Below are some examples where live tiles are used, notice that they come in different sizes.








Live Tiles are found in the tabbed panels near the bottom of the unit faceplate.









Live Tiles are found down the left side of the EM faceplate representing CMs and EMs.








Live Tiles are also shown on the Phase faceplate as optional EMs.


Live tiles have many features but some may not be used in all cases:

  • Display object name
  • Display object state as a color bar and text below the tile
  • Display object mode, availability and condition as icons around object
  • Display object condition with backcolor (see Alert Navigator)
  • Provide access to a Control Parameter just below the tile (this feature is not compatible with state text)
  • Navigate to the Object when pressed
  • Or open a popup menu when pressed; menu options are:
    • START/HOLD/RESTART The first command button is redefined based on the objects state
    • STOP
    • OPEN


Feature Example: 



This tile is illustrating 4 pieces of information:

  1. The name of the object is MS302013
  2. It is faulted (notice the yellow color bar and exclamation icon)
  3. It is in manual mode (notice the hand icon)
  4. It is acquired (notice the double brick icon)


A few other icons that may be illustrated are:



Key which indicates the object is owned

Lock which indicate it is interlocked

Badge which indicates how many issues are present in the object

Updated on December 11, 2018

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