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Initialize Phase

The initialize phase verifies that all equipment is ready to start a new batch.  It is always the 1’st phase after the Ready Prompt.

Tests for the following Equipment Conditions: 

  • Unit
    • Recipe Production Code matches last production code in Unit
    • or the Unit and its Transfer line is Clean.
  • Batch
    • Recipe Unique Batch ID must be provided
  • Vessel
    • Is Empty
    • Is Ready to Receive (Unit is Clear to Receive, No Process Conditions, Level instrument is good quality)
    • Associated CMs are in Program Mode
    • Associated CMs are not faulted
  • EM
    • All relevant EMs* are in Auto, not Faulted and all Process EMs are Ready to Start

* Relevant EMs are all visible EMs listed on the Unit that implement a recipe phase and is not used for CIP.

If all 3 areas check out then the phase ends immediately and the recipe continues.  However, if any area fails the test then the operator is presented with the condition and an Ignore Prompt.

Each area listed will present the operator with a prompt to ignore the condition from the top to the bottom.  So the operator may see up to 3 prompts, each with its on level of security.


Unit Conditions Line 1: Batch Product ({product code}) doesn’t match last batch.
Line 2: Recipe Product Mismatch.  Press Ignore to Bypass.
Batch Conditions Line 1: Batch ID not provided.

Line 2: Batch ID was not provided.  Press Ignore to Bypass.

Vessel Conditions Line 1: Vessel must be Empty and CMs in Program mode.

Line 2: Vessel NOT ok to Start.  Press Ignore to Bypass.

EM Conditions Line 1: {EM name} EM is not ready.
Line 2: EMs are not Ready. Press Ignore to Bypass.

Line 1: is the Unit condition message.

Line 2: is the 3rd line of the phase message window next to the Ignore button.

After passing or bypassing all 3 conditions the initialize phase will reset all report parameters of all EMs (except process EMs that may be already running and are configured to assume control when phase runs.

EMs that were ignored in the 1st step will have old values remaining in them which may be confusing later if an operator is monitoring batch additions.

  • Remove Parameter Reset test because that is a given if ignored previously
  • Add Reset test conditions for Assume Control EMs to EM Condition check.
Updated on December 14, 2018

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