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User Interface 


  • Selection1 Choose 1’st Available or Cyclic Selection Mode
  • Available2 Choose Available units from those listed in the selected train (read only in auto)
  • Mode Auto or Manual Mode
  • Batches Number of batches (read only in auto once started)
  • Primer Include a primer recipe as the initial batch of the campaign
  • Normal Normal recipe to run between primer and final (all recipes are read only once started)
  • Final Include a final recipe as the final batch of the campaign
  • Auto Remove Automatically remove batches from batch list once completed
  • Parameters Material offset parameters to adjust the recipe from its default values
  • Reset Cycle       Have option to reset last Station on new Campaign for Cyclic selection mode

1The 1st batched launched will always use the 1st unit of each stage unless that unit is already part of another recipe and 1’st available is chosen.

2Limit the available units to 1 for each stage to force the campaign to start with a specific unit.  After the 1st batch is launch you may go back and select multiple units.  If cyclic then the next unit will be the following the initial batch.



Parameters may be used to modify existing recipe amounts.  Phases use recipe values as their setpoints.  These values may be deferred up to the recipe header which then become recipe parameters.  The name used at this level are free form and unless care is taken in the naming convention it is impossible to know which phase the parameter is destined.  To make these campaign parameters configurable it is therefore required to call out the name of the recipe parameter in the campaign parameter configuration.  This will be the parameters description.

Process Train Units

The process train available units are configured in S88 Builder Studio but the units selected to be used by the campaign is configurable in the process train window.  Note: these configurations are on the process train, NOT the campaign.

In this example Hold Tank 406 has been excluded for use by any campaign running on this process train.

NOTE: The actual unit names are longer than shown but in S88 Builder the user must choose which group of up to 3 characters are to be used in the process train display.  These 3 characters must uniquely identify the unit within its station.

Question: Is this configuration configured at the Process Cell, Train or Station level.  If at process cell then all units must be named with that in mind.  If at the train level then all units within a train must be names similarly.  If at the station level then all identical units must be named similarly.

The last station listed on this display is the terminal station which uniquely identifies this train.  In this case it is the Hold Tank, incorrectly shown in the above image.   No other train may be configured to include any of the hold tanks shown here,  Since this train includes all 3 hold tanks no other train may be configured in this process cell for the same group of recipes.  However, another train may be configured that uses a different recipe for a different set of units, such as the kit recipes.

Updated on January 8, 2019

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