Hand Add EM

Basic Features

  • Amount SP w/ +/- Tolerance
  • Material Selection (List of materials)
    • Optional Material Class/Type/Container (comes from phase and filters material selection)
  • Allow up to 2 amounts/lots for split lot when not using FT Batch Material Manager
    • Lot Entry (Hand Entered or Barcode Scan)
    • Amount (Measure from scale or hand entered)
  • Source Vessel (Container) picked from phase (sets material and visa-versa)
  • Allow barcode scanner to provide various information


Control Parameters

CP1 Amount
CP2 Amount 1
CP3 Amount 2
CP4 Tolerance +
CP5 Tolerance –
CP6 Material 1 (applies to all if 2 not provided, filtered by class, type or container if provided)
CP7 Material 2 (set by phase if mapped otherwise user selected)
CP8 Material Type (may be mapped from phase)
CP9 Material Class (may be mapped from phase)
CP10 Container (EM Sources)
CP14 Lot 1 (or barcode from 1st scan)  Note: String parameters must be listed 1st
CP15 Lot 2 (or barcode from 2nd scan)
CP16 Allow Split Lot? (Yes, indicates 2 lots may be used to provide total amount)

CP1: Contains the lot number to pull from (provided by batch) or place to enter the actual lot number pulled (may be provided by barcode if it exists and not provided by batch).  This parameter will be disabled if mapped to phase and EM was started by a phase.  CP1 must equal RP1 if CP1 is provided by batch and RP1 is provided by a barcode scan.

CP2: Allows for a split lot same as CP1.  If CP2 exists and not provided by batch then a 2nd bar code scan will be mapped to CP2 if split lot is allowed.

CP3: If provided will either specify the amount required from 1st lot if mapped to phase or will allow user input for the amount provided by 1st lot)

CP4: Same as CP3 but for split lot.

CP5: Total Amount SP from Batch.  May be the Sum of Amount 1 and Amount 2 if they are mapped to batch.

CP6/7: +/- Tolerance.  The EM will complete when no abnormal conditions exists and the PV is within tolerance of SP after settle delay or custom button is pressed (if visible).

CP8: Material to pull if mapped to batch or the material actually provided entered by user (or barcode scan).  Will be filtered by Material Class and/or type and/or container if provided.

CP9: Material 2 is the same as material 1 but used for 2nd lot if split lot is allowed.

CP10: Type of Material specified from phase or selected if not mapped.  Will be filtered by class or container if provided.

CP11: same as type (CP10)

CP12: Container selected by batch or user if not mapped (or barcode)

CP13: Specifies if Split Lot is allowed, set by batch.


Report Parameters

RP1 Amount (scale value or Sum of CP3 & CP4 if provided)
RP4 Process Error (%)
RP10 Barcode
RP11 Amount
RP12 Container
RP13 Material
RP14 Result

RP1: Barcode scan which will be compared with Lot1 if Lot1 is mapped otherwise Lot1 will receive value from RP1.

RP5: Amount provided which will be copies from Barcode scan or summed from Amount 1 & 2 CPs.

RP6: Process Error for Tolerance check.

RP11-RP14: Values scanned on barcode


Material Manager Hand Add Phase

CP1 Display    
CP2 Material Materials CP8
CP3 Amount   CP5
CP4 Container All Sources CP12
CP5 Lot   CP1
CP6 Label   {not used}
CP7 Material Class Material Classes CP11 or CP12 (depends on area option if batch refers to types)
CP8 Tol +   CP6
CP9 Tol –   CP7


RP1 Actual Amount   RP5
RP2 Feed Complete YesNo {known parameter}


Other Details

Hand entered amount, lot and material control parameters will be cleared on start (unlike normal EMs which retain the CPs at previous values).

Hand Add will complete when PV (RP5) is within tolerance of SP (CP5) for the duration of the settle timer or until the custom button is pressed if visible.  Additionally there cannot be any abnormal conditions present.

The following abnormal conditions will also be configured:

  • Alert if no amount is provided to get operator attention that they must do something.
  • CP1 or RP1 must be provided if exists and CP1 must match RP1 if both exist.
  • CP2 Lot and CP4 Amount must both be provided if either are provided assuming they exist




Past Hand Add Configurations






Requested Material CP9   Material Types
Amount CP4 RP1  
Tolerance (lbs) CP5 RP2 %Tol stored in CP14 as calc.
[1] Amount 1 (lbs) CP6    
[1] Lot 1 CP1    
[1] Material 1 CP10   Materials
[2] Amount 2 CP7    
[2] Lot 2 CP2    
[2] Material 2 CP11   Materials
[3] Amount 3 CP8    
[3] Lot 3 CP3    
[3] Material 3 CP12   Materials


CP13 = Allow Distilled Solvent? Yes|No


Note: Lots must be up front because EM only supports so many strings



Control: Material CP9: Requested Material
Control: Tolerance CP5: Tolerance (lbs)
Control: Amount CP4: Amount
Control: Purge CP15: Purge Option
Control: Purge Time CP16: Purge Time
Report: Amount RP1
Report: Tolerance RP2
Report: Material1 CP10
Report: Lot1 CP1
Report: Lot2 CP2
Report: Lot3 CP3
Report: Amount1 CP6
Report: Amount2 CP7
Report: Amount3 CP8
Report: Material2 CP11
Report: Material3 CP12



  • Starting – Clear individual amounts, materials and lots
  • EM Tag[0] set to the first material’s array element ID that matches the type
  • Move Material Type into EM Param EnumCode to limit materials to specified type.
  • Choose default material as an offset calculated from type ID (This makes the IDs fixed)
    • Looks like Jordan done some hacking on the Enum SP to provide custom responses to different codes.
  • SP = CP4, PV = RP1
  • Enable/Disable CPs in Auto Mode since Hand Add requires user interaction in Auto Mode
  • Sum all individual amounts to get total amount (RP1)
  • Set abnormal condition if any amount is entered without a lot number (prevent completion)
  • Set abnormal condition if amount is entered where no material is requested
  • Alert operator if no amount is entered.
  • Override normal complete and set PB.Custom[0] visible
  • Enable custom button when no custom conditions exist and process error is within tolerance.
  • Complete EM when Custom PB is pressed
    • Set destination configured material = 1st selected material (this doesn’t sound right because downloading S88 Builder will overwrite that configuration)
  • On completion – Create a unit record for each amount and lot number with same start/end time and total amount as the master record.  Each sub record includes a start time 1ms later than last, and individual lot, material, amount data.
  • Purge as configured



3-Lot Opr Entry

Not used


Opr Entry


Amount CP1    
Confirm Amount CP2 RP1  
Lot Info CP3 RP2  



Report: Amount CP1: Amount
Report: Lot CP3: Lot



  • Starting/Acquiring – Clear CP1, CP2, Lot
  • Enable CPs in auto mode (this is why the CPs can’t use default values)
  • SP = CP1 (default), PV = CP2
  • Set abnormal condition if Lot is not entered
  • Alert operator if no value is entered
  • Show Custom PB and enable if no conditions exist and CP1 = CP2
  • Complete Hand Add when button is pressed



Saint Gobain



Amount (lbs) CP1 RP1 X
Tol + (%) CP2 RP2  
Tol – CP7    
Material CP4   Materials
Container CP5   EM Sources
Lot CP3    
  CP9 – default 3   Material Class



CP: Display X
CP: Material CP4
CP: Amount CP1
CP: Container CP5
CP: Lot CP3
CP: Label Not used
CP: Matl Class CP9
RP: Actual Amount RP1
RP: Feed Complete Known Parameter



  • No Custom logic
  • Amount, Container, Material Class and Material are chosen by phase in Auto
  • User enters lot
  • PV is configured to read from a load cell delta value
  • Completes when PV is within tolerance of SP for settle delay.


Partial Bag


Description CP RP Enum Phase Interface
Amount CP1 RP1   CP3, RP1, RP4 (changed) (Custom logic maps from RP11)
Tol + CP2 RP4   CP4, RP5
Tol – CP3     CP5
Material CP4   Materials CP2
Material Class   RP8 Material Class Custom logic sets from selected material
Material Type   RP9 Material Type Custom logic sets from selected material
Source   RP5 EM Sources Filtered by Class (EnumParam = MatlClass in custom logic)

Custom logic finds vessel that has material Class/Type/Material then sets the specified route which in turn sets the specified source in custom logic.

Bar Code (scan)   RP10 Text  
Amount   RP11   Limit0.Value
Container   RP12   Limit1.Value
Material   RP13 Materials Limit2.Value (trig condition if doesn’t match CP4)
    RP14   Limit4.Value (Result)
    RP6   RP3: Container (custom logic maps from RP12)



Whole Bag

Description CP RP Enum Phase interface
Bags from 1st Pallet   RP1    
Bags from 2nd Pallet   RP2    
Total Bags CP1 RP3   CP:Amount, RP:Actual, RP:Amount Changed
Material CP4   Materials CP:Material
Barcode (scan)   RP10    
Material   RP13    
Pallet Container   RP12    
Pallet Bags   RP11    
  CP5   YesNo CP:SplitLot
    RP6   RP: Container 1
    RP7   RP: Container 2



If split lot then the first barcode scan sets the 1st amount and copies its barcode to the CP.

JTM Hand Add 







CP6 – CP17 when string


Updated on December 14, 2018

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