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Classes and Inheritance

In S88 Builder™, there are two (2) main collection of elements: Classes and Instances.  A Class is a means of categorizing elements into groups of similar or identical sets of equipment. An Instance is a concrete occurrence of a Class.

Classes by nature have a set of attributes that define the capabilities of the entity. Instances inherit these attributes from its parent, the Class.

Since there is a wide variety of equipment being handled in the Automation Industry, an approach using Layers to identify the different properties help to minimize repeatable activities and streamline the definition and grouping process, as a result, S88 Builder™ offers different Layers to categorize elements into groups.

Each Element may be categorized in 4 Layers. Each Layer, other than the top is optional and linked to its parent and inherits its attributes.

The first Element Layer is the Class, which provides a comprehensive set of attributes characteristic to what it is meant to do. For example, a Class definition for solenoid valves must cover all potential attributes to meet all the proper functions of this Control Module.

The second Element Layer is the Type, which classifies a Class into different collections based on their capabilities and behaviors. For example: solenoid valves may be classified by the number of ports connected to physical pipes such as 3-Way and 4-Way types.

The third Element Layer is the Group (or collection). This Layer helps grouping similar Elements who share a specific set of attributes of the Type. For example: all large block valves maybe in 1 group with a higher nominal open time separate from the smaller block valves.

The fourth Element Layer is the Instance. It inherits all attributes from the precedent Layers.

Updated on December 6, 2018

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