CIP Dosing

How does Sanitizer Dosing work and can it be used for Caustic and Acid?

Sanitizer is assumed if the Source Enum = 4.

This should probably have an attribute that specifies the source vessel is sanitizer

Should the sanitizer EM be a Dosing EM?  That may happen to contain sanitizer but could contain acid or caustic?

The reason the Sanitizer is in its own EM is because it must use routes to prevent interlocking others from using it as a shared resource.

CIP Issues

  1. Any chemical that must be injected into the line as it is delivered must be a separate EM acquired only when used so that other CIP Systems can continue to run.  This is being done for sanitizer but how can this be handled generically?  Sanitizer is recognized as source 4 but what if there aren’t 3 additional sources?  Should there be an Is Sanitizer option?  What if this is dosing something else?
  2. CIP with return sump will either need to assume the sump is working automatically as a straight pipe or it needs to control it and/or be aware of it.  Should the Sump pump be a separate EM?
  3. CIP has not been used in this version and much of its logic has hardcoded rungs specific to Pinnacle or FixMe comments when the rungs couldn’t be easily converted to the newly designed interfaces.
  4. Coordinator Options and Coordinator CIP.  Coordinator options are difficult to configure property and the CIP coordinator logic is incomplete.
  5. Configure a Vessel.HasChemical bit that is set anytime a CIP Sequence runs and reset only at completion of a CIP Recipe.  Include this status in the OK to Start condition checked at start of recipe.  Perhaps this should also be included as an abnormal condition for Material Add EM?
  6. Soft Stop from Vessels needs to account for CIP to prevent Dead Heading pumps which would be very unsafe.  (they are for disable now) (1161)

CIP Sources/Destinations

  • Must know what the material is which it knows by the vessel material class options (Is Air, Is Rinse, Is Reclaim, Is Conductive, Is Waste, Is Drain, Is Sanitizer)
    • Is Air – Ignores Temperature, conductivity and flow rate limits
    • Is Rinse – Clears out Product code when Rinse runs for 10 mins or the rinse phase completes.
    • Is Reclaim – Not Used
    • Is Conductive – Enables the test for Minimum Conductivity if set or Enables the test for too high conductivity if not set.
    • Is Waste – Not Used
    • Is Drain – Not Used
    • Is Sanitizer – Future (Currently uses Source Enum 4) Causes the Sanitizer EM to be acquired and started to inject sanitizer material into the rinse water from the Rinse Tank.  NOTE: Under this circumstance the Source EM technically has two sources Rinse tank and Sanitizer barrel. However, the source EM doesn’t know its pulling from the rinse tank which is a problem.
      Is there another way to specify sanitizer without changing the source enum?

Sanitizer EM

Why is the Sanitizer EM a separate child EM?  The sanitizer must be separated because it is shared by all CIP systems and therefore must be acquired just in time.

CIP Complete

The CIP Unit phase has a CP called Complete which when set marks the CIP as completed for the specified Unit.  This marks the vessel as CIP’d.

Alternate Vessel Selection

The CIP Unit phase typically cleans the default vessel of the unit but this can be changed to clean an alternate vessel by setting the “Unit Phase Vessel” phase option to a value > 0 which cleans the unit vessel matching that ordinal.

Alternate Destination

Step Advance

To use step advance each phase must check for Step Advance = Yes as an alternate transition condition.  The typical condition is COMPLETE.

Sump Pump

If a sump pump exists between the return pump and the CIP skid then …


  1. Ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist (Transparent to CIP EMs)
    This assumes the sump pump will always take care of itself but does this sump continue to run when not using the CIP? If so, where is it directed by default?
    What if the sump EM is in manual? Shouldn’t that suspend the return EM?
  2. Acquire the sump CMs and control directly in-line with CIP Dest EM.
    Does this mean all CMs must be shared by the Sump EM?
    Does this mean the Return and Dest EMs are no longer chained?
    Does this mean the Sump is the destination for the Return EM and the Source for the Dest EM?
  3. Make the Dest EM a coordinator that holds both the Sump EM and the Dest EM so they are linked.  This would make the sump transparent to the CIP coordinator and all other CIP EMs.
  4. Add the Sump EM as a 6th child of the CIP Coordinator.  If it exists then it will be controlled appropriately.
    This has the most disruption and requires a lot of configuration to setup correctly.

Updated on December 19, 2018

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