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CIP Coordinator Timing Modes

Unit Component Timer (em.Run.Seq.StpTmr1 – minutes)

Retentive timer that times how long a component has been CIP’d within the process limits.

The unit phase is completed once the unit component duration has been reached.

The timer resets when any of these parameters change:

  • Source
  • Unit
  • Supply Component
  • Return Component
  • Destination

Conditions for timing (basically process conditions are ok):

  • In Process
    • Source In Process (see cipInProcess next section below)
      • Not Low Flow and not Low Temp and not low Cond or not process cond delay done (see below)
      • Or Configured to ignore process conditions
    • Or Return in Process and NOT Source in Process
  • Sanitizer
    • Not Required
    • OR Running, Established and not Held

New: Add Option to ignore process conditions when timing

Note: MPV cleaning only resumes after this timer has been running continuously for 20s.

System Timer (em.Run.Seq.StpTmr2 – minutes)

Same as unit component timer above with these exceptions:

  • Only resets on Source, Unit or Destination selection change.
  • Does not complete phase when done; only sets System Duration Complete report value

Startup Delay (em.Run.Seq.StpTmr2 em.Run.TmrSettleTO)

20s delay before timing or setting any alarms after starting.

Conditions for timing:

  • Source selected
  • Source is running and established
  • Source is not holding or held
  • Not sanitizing or sanitizer is running and established and not held.

This also sets the cipInProcess tag.

Process Condition Delay (em.Run.TmrSettle)

10s timer to delay before reporting process condition such as low flow after condition exists.

The startup delay, previously mentioned, must also be complete before alerting on the process conditions.

Conditions affected by this delay are:

  • Low Flow
  • Low Temperature
  • Low Conductivity
  • MPV not clean
  • Conductivity state bad
  • Sanitizer cannot be acquired




Updated on December 19, 2018

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