Campaign Queue

Mounting and Starting a Campaign 

A campaign must first be mounted and associated with a train before it may be started.


A Business Planning and Control System, BPCS, gateway service will create a list of scheduled, and validated, campaigns for the operator to choose from(to be developed).  Once chosen the operator must mount the campaign by associating it with an available train that meets the recipes requirements.   This will be done in the HMI on a special, non-PLC tag, pop-up panel.   Once the Campaign has been mounted on the train it may be started.  An optional method to mount a campaign would be to select an available train 1st and to choose a campaign or to create a new ad-hoc campaign to run on it.

Mounting is necessary because the campaign cannot be loaded into the PLC until it has been assigned a train.   This also means that the campaign either cannot be assigned any other parameters until it has been mounted or that those parameters must be stored in the database prior to mounting.  However; after mounting the database entries would be obsolete or would have to be kept synchronized in some way by the campaign manager.


After the campaign has been mounted, or created, for a train it’s parameters may be tweaked and then started.  The campaign may be started in manual or automatic.  In manual the operator must launch each batch but the CPM still determines which units the batch will execute on.  In auto the CPM will launch and start the batches as the prerequisite units become available.

– – Erik Gross


  • I haven’t considered CIP as a campaign manager function because it is beyond the scope of this project.
  • So when they hit the unit CIP button it will launch recipe

– Todd Shop Order from VBPC

Gateway receives with Product Code which indicates Production Recipe (allergen Kit, Non-Allergen Kit, Web batch w/ Amounts)

Validate BPCS BOM to Recipe usage and alert.  BPCS must mate up with campaign so the Fork truck operator to pull in the correct amount of stuff for the recipe.

A campaign starts its life cycle as a record in SQL Server and will show up on the HMI in a Campaign Queue Panel.  To “Start” a campaign it must first be mounted and once mounted it may be started.

Control Buttons and Sequence 

  1. Select Select campaign from queue
  2. Assign Train Assign campaign to a train
  3. Mount1 Mount campaign in controller (Only 1 campaign may be mounted per train)
  4. Start Press Start Button to launch the campaign (if it’s in auto then it will begin batching recipes)
  5. Pause/Resume2 Pause campaign which just prevents it from launching another recipe
  6. Add Manually add next batch to batch list (available in manual mode only)
  7. Add Final Adds the final recipe and ends the campaign regardless of the current batches count
  8. Stop Prematurely stop or end the campaign; the campaign may be restarted or discarded

1Moves the campaign from the database into the controller to be prepared to run.  This will also trigger other actions such as assigning ingredients and distributing material.

2Is Pause/Resume necessary since it could also just be placed in manual which has the exact same affect; although may want different security on the manual mode vs the pause.


Updated on January 8, 2019

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