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Campaign Overview


Campaign Manager 

The campaign manager, CPM, is a service that manages a campaign by executing batches of a specified recipe in stations of a process train until the specified number has been produced. CPM.


An S88 Builder campaign is simply a required number of batches to run of a specific recipe.  There are also a couple of optional specifications that may be configured.  The campaign must also be assigned a train to run on.


  • Recipe
  • Number of Batches
  • Train
  • Unit Selection Mode
  • (optional) Primer/Final Recipe
  • (optional) Parameter Offsets

Process Train 

A process train is a collection of one or more units and associated lower-level equipment groupings that have the ability to be used to make a batch of material.  A train is independent of the campaign that is running on it.  In other words, a campaign must be assigned a track before it may be executed and managed.

There should be at least as many trains configured as the system is capable of running concurrent recipes.  Example: If a process cell can run Recipe A and Recipe B at the same time then it should have at least 2 trains configured so that it may execute two campaigns at the same time.


  • Has 1 to 10 stations
  • Includes all necessary stations to complete a recipe
  • It’s terminal station is limited to units not contained in any other terminal station
  • Has 0 or more prerequisite stations (stations that must be available before a new batch may be launched)


Train Station

A train consists of 1 or more stations and each station consist of 1 or more units that perform a major processing function on the batch.   Multiple units in a station must be piped as alternate units to provide the same processing function.  It is the job of the CPM to choose which unit to use within each train station.


  • Has 1 or more Units
  • Configurable as a prerequisite
  • Units may be individually enabled for use


A unit is a collection of physical equipment and the control logic that carries out one or more major processing activities.


  • Monitor and perform execution of campaigns configured in one or more process trains of the PRC.
  • Search for next available units according to configured train and launches batch when prerequisites are met.
  • Apply configurable offsets to recipe parameters
  • Launches and starts batches until the required number of batches have been launched
  • Launch primer (setup) and final (cleanup) recipes, if provided, at the start and completion of the batch
  • Update Campaign table with current batch number and state of campaign if database is provided
  • Shall be limited to accessing FTBatch, PRC, S88 Builder database and campaign database to increase reusability.

NOTE: Campaign manager is not responsible for pulling down campaigns from BPCS or validating the campaign.  The CPM assumes the campaign is valid once it has been started.

NOTE: Once launch a campaign runs independent of BPCS and allows the operator to modify its parameters.  This may not be the desired behavior so security may be used to limiter operator interaction but then a method may need to be developed to update the campaign parameters from BPCS gateway if required.  This would most likely be done through an HMI window.


Prominent characteristic or something added as a special attraction.

  • Provide detailed log of all activity for debug
  • Fault tolerant to automatically recover from any fault condition without user interaction
  • Limited interaction with other systems (FTBatch [remote.dll], PRC [RSLinx], S88 Builder Database [SQL Server])
  • Run as a service so user is not required to be logged in
  • Allows user to pause and manually launch batches within specifications of campaign
  • Option to select Units on 1st available or Cyclically.
  • Option to select a station as a prerequisite to launching a batch.
  • Allows all parameters to be modified by the operator based on operator’s security role


  • Will be used with FTBatch and will pull recipe information from it.
  • Will be used with and have access to S88 Builder.  It will read the S88 Builder database to get information about units configured in the campaigns train.
  • Will interface with Controller via RSLinx Classic OPC tags
Updated on January 8, 2019

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