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Batch Signatures

A signature allows the operator to sign off on an action such as ignoring tolerance or stopping an EM prematurely.  This requires the user to provide there login/password and is recorded in the batch journal.

There are two known signature templates: Deviation and Stop.


Configuration Tags 

Configuration is done at the phase level but is reflected to the acquired EM.

PhDef.Sign{Stop|Dev}ID Int Signature Request Template ID
Each request is configured as a template in batch, that includes a description and who can sign it and if it is cancellable.
PhDef.Sign{Stop|Dev}Cancel Bool Signature Request is cancellable


EM Tags 

An EM cannot use a signature request by itself so it gets its directive from the phase that has acquired it.

This information is shared with the EM when the phase parameters are written as a command.

{S|D} represent a placeholder for Stop or Dev(iation)




Bool Signature is Required
Set from phase command
Bool Signature Requested


Bool Signature Acknowledged

User signed the request

May need ack to know when to stop sending the ack or I could send until the request is removed. But then how long to I reset ack?


See signAck

Bool Signature Request Cancelled

May be cancelled by user which should also cancel the action.

View.SignRqstPend Bool Signature Request is Pending
For Faceplate to display a pencil icon


Phase/Batch Tags 



Int Signature Request Template ID

Set to PhDef.Sign{Stop|Dev}ID when em.C.{S|D}SignRqst is recognized

Ph.Cmd.Signed Int Batch Signature request was signed with this Template ID

Set by Batch logic when request is signed (-1 = signature aborted)

Ph.RqstSignCan Bool The current signature request is cancelable
C.PHCmd.SIGNED Int Signature was Signed command constant
FTBatch.c.Rqst.Sign Bool Sign. Request is Pending
Updated on December 14, 2018

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